Fever Detection Systems

Protecting your employees and visitors is an important  topic in all business sectors at the moment, our Fever Screening Systems can assist in playing a vital role in the spread of disease and reducing the potential impact on your business 

Our highly efficient fever screening systems offer a contact-free solution to measure the temperature of visitors to your premises.

Every fever detection system is designed to help protect your business in a way that works for you and your budget. Whether you want just the basics or all the bells and whistles, our experts can help you customize our systems to fit your business requirements and can be rapidly deployed

Fixed Solutions

Fixed screening includes the use of thermographic imaging cameras mounted to a tripod and blackbody monitor to measure the temperature of humans entering an area. 

When an elevated temperature has been detected, an alarm will sound and notification passed to the appropriate personnel 

Portable Screening

Portable screening is carried out using a screening device which consists of a thermographic camera and built-in screen, the device can relay notifications back to our smartphone app.

When an elevated temperature has been detected, an alarm will sound and a notification appears on the app which can be checked by the appropriate personnel

Advanced Algorithms

Achieve highly reliable accuracy with our AI temperature measurement algorithms

Contact Free Screening

Non-contact measurement which avoids physical contact with visitors and safeguards employees 

High Efficiency

Our thermographic cameras take one second to detect the temperature in a person with accuracy to ±0.3°C

Bi-Spectrum Monitoring

Our systems provide both thermal and optical channels apart from temperature measurement

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